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What pushes Mumbaikars to take short trips frequently Meghna Mukherjee Garvita Sharma

Jun 19 2017 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
What pushes Mumbaikars to take short trips frequently

According to a recent report, Mumbai residents love to embark on short trips at the first given opportunity.

BT finds out what makes them take these quick breaks 
When it comes to Mumbai, there is a general perception that its citizens head to international destinations for vacations. But a recent report by a travel app would have us believe otherwise. The city has emerged as being the most travel-friendly, beating rest of India (700-cities to be precise) when it comes to travelling either for work or leisure. It does not end there, Mumbaikars are also known to take frequent short trips whenever they get the opportunity, for instance long weekends and holidays. What's even more surprising is that they tend to make quick getaways to places around the city or in the country.International destinations are reserved for long vacations.
Over the years, Mumbai has strictly come to be associated with work. Given the work culture that follows a 9-to-9 cycle and a fast pace, stress levels are extremely high here compared to other metro cities in India. An actor (on condition of anonymity) put it succinctly, “Mumbai is strictly work. I travel the rest of the time to get away from here for peace.“
However, not everyone in the city can head to an international destination at the drop of a hat.
Foram Shah, a senior account manager with a digital agency , makes frequent trips away from the city. She says, “Mumbai's life is so fast and stressful, that from Monday onwards, we start thinking about Friday . We are all so preoccupied with deadlines and `what's next' that our days are planned accordingly -there is a set routine and just to do away with the monotony , we step out of the city regularly . We often go camping and trekking to places like Lonavla, Alibag, Igatpuri or Bhandardara.“

Pradnya Ajinkya, a counsellor, seconds Foram. She adds,“Travelling is a great stressbuster. But while some people travel to beat the stress of a crowded city like Mumbai, there is also the element of thrill. A lot of female travellers want to feel free and experience the thrill of travelling alone.“ HIGH ON ROAD TRIPS Road trips clearly score over other modes of transportation even with those who don't have a vehicle of their own.

Hardeep Saini, travel agent from the central suburbs, says that the monsoons witness a high demand for outstation cabs. He says, “Long vacations are also out of question with the re-opening of schools and colleges around this time of the year.So, we have people enquiring about Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Harihareshwar, Khopoli -places from where they can drive down to Mumbai.


Mumbai citizens also loves to mix work with leisure. Says Abhishek Das, who frequently travels for work, “My annual trip is saved for an international destination. But during monsoon, I try and schedule my work trips over the weekend in Pune, so that I get to meet my friends and also relax. I usually book a cab from Mumbai to Pune for ` 2,000 and take a flight or train back.“

Pragya Narayan, who works in an MNC, says, “My job requires me to travel to places like Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. So, I leave on a Friday afternoon and get back to Mumbai on Tuesday morning. I get to enjoy the scenic views as I work.“


Vijayanti Deshpande, who runs an outstation rental cab service, adds, “While people want to travel throughout the year, bookings are heavy during the months of May-June-July . On any given weekend, more than 200 cars are booked for travel to places like Lonavla, Pune, Panchgani, Karjat and Matheran.“

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